Rough Jag

Rough guitar built from old reclaimed barn wood.

  • Standard Jaguar 24 in (610 mm) scale length
  • Cherry neck, walnut fingerboard with pearl inlay
  • NO TRUSS ROD for big hands!
  • Neck can be changed for standard two way truss rod neck
  • Beef bone nut
  • Spruce body with nitro finish



Clone of Jolana Grazioso guitar Goerge Harrison played when starting with the Beatles

  • Standard fender scale lenght 25.5 in (648 mm)
  • Polyurethane red and clear nitro coat
  • Composite oak neck and body
  • Single coil, humbucker pickup switch tone knob
  • Beef bone nut

Price: 1500 USD


LP mini

Four string miniturized Les Paul

  • 18 inch scale
  • Cherry neck with plum fingerboard & brass frets
  • Beef bone nut
  • Ukulele style tuners
  • Electric pickup and volume knob for use with standard guitar combos
  • Carved book-matched cherry top with clear nitro finish
  • Spruce body
Price: 700 USD

Tele Micro

Currently for sale in northen Japan.

  • Short scale
  • Electric pickup and volume knob for use with standard guitar combos
  • Beef bone nut
  • Vintage tuners
  • Plum neck with pearl inlay & brass frets
  • Wild apple tree solid body with clear nitro finish
Price: 500 USD


19th century Italian design of an upright bass.

  • Fits standard bass strings
  • Fretless
  • Spruce acoustic body
  • Oak neck, 12 in radius, pizzicato playing
  • Beef bone nut 
  • Fender Jazz Pickup, volume knob, built into neck
  • Height 6.3 ft (circa 190cm)
Price: 3000 USD —SOLD—